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Pirate Codex

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This is a pirate codex I built for a demonstration in the stage props class I teach.


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Very cool !
Very pretty - I mean piratey:)
Yeah, what she said!!
Very pretty - I mean piratey:)
Thank you all for all your kind words.

I don't have any process pix of this particular book, but my wife is insisting I do a spell or potion book for her for next Halloween so I will document that one and post it in the "How To's" when I get it done.
Looks good, every Pirate needs one!
That's awesome!
very cool I love the detail!!!!!
amazing. lovely. I'll be wanting details as well, mate.
Really cool! It looks like real aged leather.
Love it! Do you want to give it to another pirate lover??? hint hint..:)
Very nice!!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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