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Next year I plan on having a pirat themed room. I have a few ideas which are OK but I'd like to hear about what other people have done. In the room I plan on making a treasure chest out of pink foam and having a bucky open and close the lid. In the tresure chest I will have poker chips spray painted gold with some cheap necklaces I'll get from a thrift store.
I also would like to have the front of a ship seem to come out of the wall. When people get to a certain point in the room I want to have an actor run out to the front of the ship and say "Stay away from me tresure" or something like that.
Anways, what I'm looking for is some more ideas of piratey things to put in the room. I may paint a canvas for the back wall with a tropical feel... but I'm not sure.
If you've made anything or if you know of something please leave me a link!
Thanks a lot!!!
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