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Plastic finials found, awesome for fences

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Hope I'm posting this in the right place, if not please move to the correct one.
Found these, can't wait to get to my fence this year these should make quite the difference.
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i hope you have not just found that link.....its on this forum........im not trying to be a jerk or anything ....but yeah its a great place for those pieces! oh yeah just one more thing ive worked in plastic factory and hade lungs burned from pvc gives off chloride (sp) gas well i have been told that so... if you melt with heat gun like some people do be very careful look into it before doing anything that might be dangerous.
I just 100 plastic finials on ebay for $24 , plus $8 shipping and hanlding, from a place in Utah.
mcfrugal.com [email protected]
the place in Texas wanted $37 for shipping 50 at .44ea
I just bought 100 plastic finials for $24 plus $8 s/h from a place in Utah.
mcfrugal.com [email protected]
The place in Texas wanted .44 for 50 with $37 s/h
thanks again for the tip Lotus
sorry about that, so much for trying to edit something.
Bone Dancer said:
thanks again for the tip Lotus
I didn't give you that Tip I think FE did
FE gave me the one in Texas,
Sorry. :( I actually found it on a How-to site where the guy bought metal finials. Scrolled through the site and found the plastic ones.
darryl said:
Sorry. :( I actually found it on a How-to site where the guy bought metal finials. Scrolled through the site and found the plastic ones.
well if you found the ones you like .....i guess you could buy 1 make a mold and make lots im not sure which way would be cheaper buying them all or making them all just a thought might save ya some cash in the long run
$27.00 plus shipping for 100. Hard to justify molding them for that.
Just got mine yesterday. 100 metal finials for $24 and $8 shiping
[email protected]
Had to ask one question. Has this been a problem... "This item cannot be painted – use them as they are – Easy Easy!" taken from mcfrugals site. I see that they are black in color but since I will be going for a more rusted look I had plans on ageing these. Has anyone tried this or is everyone planning on just using them as is?

Spear (#217) 1/2" x 1/2" Square With Ball
01007 $0.29

Larger picture
Weldable Wrought Iron Fence Pickets. Fits 1/2" x 1/2" square tubing. Plain mill finish. Yes you can paint them. This is the most popular picket sold! Put some class on your fence project!
Saw these there. $8.00 is great. they must be heavy which is why I was going with plastic.
I realize this is an ancient thread but its worth a shot...

I need finials for a fence. Mcfrugals seems to be a popular site to get them. Since I want to age the fence (and finials), it appears I can't use the plastic ones since painting is not an option according to the site.

For those of you that went wrought iron, how heavy are they? I am planning to use 1/2 PVC verticals with 1x2 lumber so it isn't a terribly stout structure.

They will make your fence top heavy. Been there, done that....
On a good note, they rust.
Shoot, I was afraid someone was going to say that. So what did you do FE?

I assume I can't paint plastic finials since they would crack in the sun? Wonder if that is a big issue since the fence would only be out in the elements for a month at most.
Are you planning on painting the whole thing or just "rusting" it a bit?
I was going to paint the PVC and wood black, stick the finials on and then sponge greens/browns/etc on everything to make it look old/rusty/mossy. The finials wouldn't be completely painted, just some sponging. I have been oscillating on whether I could get away with paint since it wouldn't be full coverage or exposed to the elements for more than 3-4 weeks each year. (assuming the elements are what create the issue)

My front door has a huge glass oval with a plastic ridge that holds it in. There was a warning on the door not to paint it (when we replaced the first one that was stolen). The painters painted it anyway. It now has some beautiful and huge cracks from side to side in a couple places on it. Granted, we never remove it from the house so it is exposed to the elements constantly.

I was just going to just get the wrought iron ones but FE indicated a problem with exactly what worried me about them, weight.
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You should be able to paint the plastic spears, but you would need to prep them first. You can do this by simply scuffinf them with a coarse steel wool. In my other life I built ornamental iron, and even though I almost always use cast iron, or cast steel finials, I have used plastic on occasion when the customer requests them.
Ironman is right, you need to sand or steel wool your pvc tubes just to take the shine off them. After that I laid mine all together on a table and used spray enamel (flat black ) then rolled them a quarter turn and sprayed them again, and rolled them again and so on. It saved paint and if you let them dry a minute or two between rolls they do just fine.
I got my iron finials from McF's. He shipped them in a bulk rate box so shipping was about $8.50 for about 30lbs of iron. My quess is the finials weigh about 1/4 pound each and I made my fence in eight foot sections. It's a little top heavy, but not a big problem. I set up my fence using 24 inch steel rod ( one foot in ground ) and slid the pvc over the rod at each end of a section and it worked fine. Conecting the section in some manor would also help stabilize the fence. Making them look rusty is just a painting issue.
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