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:D The NHL playoffs are here!:cool: :smoking: :voorhees:
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I'm a New Jersey Devils Fan and my hubby is a Philadelphia Flyers fan.
Blackhawks Baby! I got my jacket on right now.
RAXL - What's your fav NHL team?
The Sens lost last night and that gave me a bit of pleaser...does that make me a bad person :D
I'm an old school Oilers fan, going back to Messier, Fuhr and Ranford.
I really thought Nashville had a good shot to go to the finals this year, until they lost their goalie.:voorhees:

Clay, I'm not sure you're gonna see the Sens lose too many more games this year.

DT, I'm so sorry.:p

DW, your house must have been...interesting, the last couple games of the year, when they were both fighting for first.
Hehehe - the only thing the Flyers are fighting for is to get their heads out of their asses and fight for air!!!!! Last night we watched both games channel surfing and the Sabres pounded the Flyers (again) 8-2. I don't even know why the Flyers showed up. My New Jersey Devils are 2-0 so far in the playoffs against New York Rangers. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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