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please help with my graveyard/tombstones!! :)

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Hi guys! Ive been lurikng on this site from awhile now, (mostly been on halloweenforum.com), and I love your posts!
Now I need help and hopefully some of you guys can help!

I just got the graveyard set at sams club for $99.00 and I am wondering how do you guys keep tombstones standing up? Do I buy something at Home Depot and pin them down?

Its my first year I am taking my outdoor decor serious instead of the usual cornstalk,pumpkin,hay,scarecrow etc.
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I live in Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain......

I glue a length of pvc directly to the tombstone ( vertically), then I pound rebar into the ground and slip the pvc over the rebar. This has worked for me for several years. I then hit the pvc with some spray paint, and it looks great.

The problem with attaching stakes directly to your tombstone is: if you have hard ground, then you have to hit the top of your tombstone to make it go in the ground. If your tombstone is foam, it is considerably softer than the hard ground, and you will destroy the stone.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum.
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