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please help with my graveyard/tombstones!! :)

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Hi guys! Ive been lurikng on this site from awhile now, (mostly been on halloweenforum.com), and I love your posts!
Now I need help and hopefully some of you guys can help!

I just got the graveyard set at sams club for $99.00 and I am wondering how do you guys keep tombstones standing up? Do I buy something at Home Depot and pin them down?

Its my first year I am taking my outdoor decor serious instead of the usual cornstalk,pumpkin,hay,scarecrow etc.
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I think the best method would be to glue a piece of thin plywood to the bottom of the tombstone (cut to the same size) and then using a spade type drill bit, drill 2 holes through the plywood into the tomstone and glue a length of 1/2" PVC pipe in the hole, then hammer some pieces of rebar into the ground and slide the tombstone onto them. Probably should paint or seal the plywood to protect it from moisture.
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