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please help with my graveyard/tombstones!! :)

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Hi guys! Ive been lurikng on this site from awhile now, (mostly been on halloweenforum.com), and I love your posts!
Now I need help and hopefully some of you guys can help!

I just got the graveyard set at sams club for $99.00 and I am wondering how do you guys keep tombstones standing up? Do I buy something at Home Depot and pin them down?

Its my first year I am taking my outdoor decor serious instead of the usual cornstalk,pumpkin,hay,scarecrow etc.
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My method is:

I have about 6-8" of scavanged copper tubing glued into the stone. PVC/Conduit would also work

I have a piece of plywood cut to size of the botton of the tombstone.

4 holes are drilled into the plywood.

4 6" spikes are put into the plywood, 2 up, 2 down and the two down ones are pounded into the ground. The two up stakes are secured into position (and angle) by one or two 8-10p nails driven down to fille any gaps in the hole.

It's cheaper than rebar for me since I have the stakes left over from a landscaping project involving railroad ties and the stones take weird angles.
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