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This really makes me want to make the move from motors to pneumatic. I'll have to find a way to talk myself out of it again. Thanks a lot!

Seriously, this prop is great and I love the simplicity of it. Good job.

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Sorry the parts list was hard to read, but here it is.

6' of 2x4
2 pneumatic cylinders
2 foot brackets
2 rod clevis
2 clevis mounting brackets
2 4-way solenoid valves
1 prop controller
4 3" hinges (wrist/elbow)
2 2.5" hinges (shoulder)
12 carriage bolts (attaching cylinder)
10 flat phillips bolts (hinges)
2 hex bolts (shoulder)
locking nuts/washers for all bolts
drywall screws (elbow hinge, securing wrist hinge to plywood base)
plywood for base

All bolts were 1/4 by 2" long
I used a picoBoo as the controller but you can use anything that has at least 2 outputs.
1 - 20 of 113 Posts
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