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Pneumatics (SP)

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looking to build my first pneumatic...

Hey all,
I'm finally going to take the plunge and build something pneumatic, most likely a body slinger. I've been researching it for a while, but I still seem to have more questions than answers at this point. Basically, I'm looking for a site with a simple diagram of a pneumatic system, its components, and their functions. Also, if you know of a place where I can purchase these components for less $$, that would really help!
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I was looking on ebay for cylinders, nothing much of anything with a decent stroke, but i did see this one that rotates 90 degrees in 4.45" might be kinda neat for a secondary action....
I'm actually looking to build something like a body slinger, so I think I'd need like a 12" stroke (?) I wish there was a kit I could buy...
Hey thanks, Sarge!
I've been doing a bit of digging for something just like that. So I'm looking at a minimum of 300 bucks huh? :) Sheesh...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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