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Post a picture of yourself

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Pictures of You

I took new pictures of myself tonight lol... So I decided hey why not start a thread. ^^

I may not look all pretty girl (never wanted to be lol) but hey that is me so deal with it.... :p ;)
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I have a pic of me in my profile being strangled by Kane Hodder. I'll find another one and post it here later on.

You all can have a 100 x 100 image of yourself in your profile, just use your user cp and go to the "Edit Profile Picture" to include a small image of yourself in your profile too! :D
Okay here is one of me

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Hey Z, I was wondering...if I sent you a pic through the mail, could u put it on here for me? I don't have a scanner or anything.
I could, but I believe that Wal Mart has a scanner for public use in their electronics section. I could be wrong. Most photo developing places will redevelop film and you can always have it put on a disk when its developed. Contact me by PM if you have no luck and need me to scan a pic.
okay, thanx...i'll definately go check it out.
Ah heck, here's one of me looking particularly evil.
Even though you can't see what I actually look like, this is me last halloween. The costume must of been ok, because not a single crow bothered me that night.
From last halloween:

Taken a couple of weeks ago....I'm on the left...

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d2u posted hers, so let the ogling begin... :D
V, D2U you girls are hot as hell (UNDERSTATEMENT)
Omega told me too.... lol.... He might deny it because he told me too know is saying not too but i am doing it anyway. :D
Bloody hell I think i'm fat in that pic plus now I have blonde hair and am much sexier according to you.
Omega..Black said:
Bloody hell I think i'm fat in that pic plus now I have blonde hair and am much sexier according to you.
What the... Your not fat! Your so stupid lol...
noticeably this thread hasn't been updated but I have a good pic finally:
Most Recent of Me and Aprille

I think this is the most recent photo of my wife and I from our vacation to Florida this past March. I tend to be a bit camera shy.
Glad to see someone started a thread with pics .. I love seeing what other members look like :D
Very well, then. Here's one with me and my favourite uncle, Dr. Acula. I thought I'd post this one since this is a horror-themed board.

Normally I don't smile that big but I was in the presence of greatness!
Awesome pic doug. Forry's awesome. :D
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