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Power Requirements

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How do you power all the lights and props. I have 2 external receptacles (both on one circuit). So far I have been successful powering everything with extention cords, but I will probably exceed my capacity next year. The question for the forum is do any of you add circuits and receptacles to safely meet your power needs?
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I have the same question, as I pop my circuits every year. Christmas too. Hope you guys have some good ideas.
Again, folks like Haunt31 have so much going on, I can't image that they can safely power everything without additional circuits. Maybe I am just looking for validation for what I already know.
LOL...haunt31 uses multiple circuits. You gotta have juice for multiple props. He also runs homemade cables accross the yard. Although last year, he used some of Corey Minion's led bulbs which I would think significantly reduced his consumption.

I myself am moving to total LED lighting. My lit from within tombstones will be solar powered in fact...that's right...I'm going green. And for once it's not fungus. :)
I have about 5 circuits (20 Amps each) that I use to power up my walk through haunt.

4 of the circuits are my garage/shop outlets that I just run extension cords from (the power tools are not running durring the haunt). The 5th circuit is in my back yard.

Plus the air compressor is on it's own 220 Volt dedicated circuit.
4 circuits
half a mile of extension cords
a dozen surge protectors
and 1 daily prayer

A lot of squirrels in cages, & when i need to use the air compressor,i throw a cat in with the squirrels..... :googly:
Seriously though, i have added a separate box dedicated 7 extra circuits from the main box for just halloween & Xmas time. And 8 & 10 gauge ext cable cords (marine) to major junctions that i then tap into for that area needed for each section of haunt,plus a lot of surge protectors & GFI's. The longer the line you need to use a thicker gauge wire to lower the amount of resistance & loads from props & lights.Also a good idea to replace old breakers as most have old breakers that will pop faster from loads.New ones will give you that better edge,just don't go adding a larger or too large breaker than you had in there to start....unless you know what you are doing electrically....:xbones:
Same here.....4 circuits (2 from the garage, 1 from the front porch, 1 out of the window from our extra bedroom) ....I made 2 - 250' extensions by wiring a male and female plug on the ends of continuous 250' length of Romex. These are my main supply lines, and run straight from my garage into the woods. ...I use a truck load of extension cords that branch out to power usage areas which all have G.I.F. protection .....at the very end of the extensions, at every scene through out the haunted woods, I use a power strip/motion sensor hack to control all the power in that location. http://hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=11139&highlight=power+strip
Knock on paper mache, I have never had a power failure.
Luckilly for me my father and brother are both electricians so i get all my complex eletrical needs done for free and yes i added 2 brand new circuits a couple years ago right at my front porch so i could power my props and lights.
Over the years I have done many things including running coordds from the back of the house and windows at my current location we will be adding a service to the panel just for holiday hook ups.
I live in a very old house. I just remembered during this thread that I have 3 dedicated 220v circuits previously used for large window units before the house was converted to Central Air. I now plan to convert them to 110v. Voila! Three new circuits!

Thanks everyone for the ideas and mental stimulation. I hope this has helped others.
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