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A lot of squirrels in cages, & when i need to use the air compressor,i throw a cat in with the squirrels..... :googly:
Seriously though, i have added a separate box dedicated 7 extra circuits from the main box for just halloween & Xmas time. And 8 & 10 gauge ext cable cords (marine) to major junctions that i then tap into for that area needed for each section of haunt,plus a lot of surge protectors & GFI's. The longer the line you need to use a thicker gauge wire to lower the amount of resistance & loads from props & lights.Also a good idea to replace old breakers as most have old breakers that will pop faster from loads.New ones will give you that better edge,just don't go adding a larger or too large breaker than you had in there to start....unless you know what you are doing electrically....:xbones:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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