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"Prehistoric" shark caught on film

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This was all over the news yesterday - the discovery of this freaky "prehistoric" shark in Japan. Again, in Japan - where they just found the giant squid, and now this giant bizarre shark....What's next, a giant firebreathing lizard, a giant moth or a three headed dragon? :D

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You know...this looks quite a bit like NESSIE to me...
Holy Hell!!!
Prehistoric my butt,can you say radiation?:D
Prehistoric my butt,can you say radiation?:D
LOL, and you say that with
coming out your butt!
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You heard that?
looks like something I picked outta my nose the other night
You always hear of a new species of beetle in the Amazon or a new sparrow in the Australian Outback..but to miss an entire friggin shark, especially one that looks like that? By the way, did they only find the one?
noooooooooooo they knew they existed and from the article its just extremely rare to catch them on film at all

kinda like giant squid
You ever see those fish that got washed up on shore in Thailand after the Tsunami? Crazy unknown species....weird looking. One looked like it had a human face.
no never saw that

human face? really???
This is one artical on it:
Supposedly they weren't washed up from the Tsunami after reading many reports.
However they are real! heheh cute lil fellas.
Rarely seen 'living fossil' shark caught off Tokyo

Another shark story:
TOKYO (AFP) - A goblin shark -- a rarely seen species often called a "living fossil" -- was caught alive in Tokyo Bay but died after being put on display, an aquarium said.

The grey, long-nosed shark was caught in fishermen's nets around 150 to 200 metres (500 to 650 feet) deep. It was discovered by officials of the Tokyo Sea Life Park when they took a boat with local fishermen on January 25.

"We were able to bring it to the aquarium alive and show it to the public," said an official at the park.

But the shark died on the morning of January 27.

"Dead goblin sharks are caught from time to time, but it is rarely seen alive. We were able to document the way the shark swims. After it died, we dissected the specimen for further studies," he said.

The shark was about 1.3 metres long.

Resembling pre-historic sharks, goblin sharks live on deep sea bottoms. Little is known about their lives.

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I think this is posted in another thread.
Alright,alright, I know this doesn't belong here.
I rolled the mouse along, as I was merging these threads, and BAM! I ended up here.:p
why is it under horror now?
very cool video..it makes you wonder what else lies in those deep dark depths that we don't know about yet..and perhaps we never will..
These are quit amazing
Whoa....... this thing gave me goosebumps! :eek:
imagine swimming and it comes up nibbles your......
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