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- trip to Vermont to visit family and relatives for vacation $400
- really neat looking travel trunk found by parents house: free
- boards and hardware to make trunk more aerodynamic: free
- countless odd looks and pointing fingers of other travelers on the 3 day / 1300 mile trip back home including references to hotels that "probably wouldn't let us stay there due to all the stuff on our roof": priceless

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LoL...ahhh we haunters will do anything.
usually as long as it's legal. :D
Hahaha, I'd be staring to but only cause I want your trunk!
I would wonder if the mother in law was in there. Then start checking my pockets for a knife to liberate the item.
should have installed some sort of pop up device for really nosey individuals... nothing like GRANNY popping out of the Trunk atop the car at 75 mph
This coming from the guy that leaves a trail of bones and corpse parts behind his pickup on the highway. Yeah, sounds about right!
HEY! I was all out of BREADCRUMBS!!!
One of those weasel pet toys and a voice recorder with 'let me out' would have kept people wondering...
I was thinking that my 12 year old would LOVE to be the voice!! (She is one twisted little girl!!!:D I'm so proud!!:googly: )
That's one great looking trunk. That must've been one heck of a ride home. Were you getting like 5 mpg?
it cost about 3-4mpg at 70-75mph to have it up there... in contrast, the windshield in a box we had on the way up (6" height, 3.5" across) cost 2-3mpg... at 50-60mph they both cost 1mpg less.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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