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Prop ideas

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i have the female bride on this picture witch the lovely wormyT is modeling ;
Big Lots Halloween 8-19-2006 :: DSC00022.jpg picture by Wormyt - Photobucket
any ideas on animatating her o making her fly but i dont want an fcg
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possible axeworthy, how much does she weigh?
im not sure but its very light and made of only fabric latex and a couple of pieces of wire to pose arms
erm its in the attic at the mo but roughly erm like lighter than a hairdryer roughly thats just an object nearly everyone has in there home which is the rough wheight of.
you'd need some strong cable, but an axeworthy is a possiblity
a hairdryer.........hmm, yeah thats kinda heavy. axworthys is like under a pound from all the things that ive read, i think itd take a hell of a motor to power that too. itd need to be quick and be strong enough to haul that thing.

anyway, I think an fcg with counterwights would be good. i tried my design for fcg's today, it worked awesome, a how to is a comin...
i only have a fan motor im using the slow motor for a fcb (flying crank bat)
ummm, jw, what is a crank bat gonna do? generally like the arms will go up and down and sometimes the head but a bat...?
hmm, ok if you say so.

i think that the bride would be much cooler than a lil bat
its a bigish bat and i will get the bride out the attic tomorrow and see how well it works i wont use head movement though
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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