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I'm not sure if this fits here, but I wasn't sure where to ask it.

There has been a lot of talk this year about people ordering Halloween products, paying for them, and then not recieving them. I have a question about an online site that I'm about to order from. If you've heard anything about them (good or bad) please let me know.

The site is (hauntedprops dot com) The owner is Joe Persampiere.

Thank you
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Don't know about getting stuff on time or if I trust web sites in general. I went to the web site and seen this (ELECTRIC SIT-UP" CUSTOM HALLOWEEN ANIMATRONIC). I could have sworn I seen this (looks identical) on the Spirit web site for just $39. I know because I wanted to get it. They have it for $349..
Just a heads up. If that's true, then I'd re-evaluate buying from them.
I'm not trying to give anyone a bad review, but I have found several instances this year when a prop was one price, and then researched it and found it considerably cheaper. (price gauge) Don't like to see consumers get taken.
Good luck.
Not that I'm defending them, but one or the other site may have been a mistake. That is a huge difference....too big if you ask me. I saw it on hauntedprops and it doesn't seem to me that it's worth even close to that. Orrrr, maybe it is and the other site made a mistake. Not sure about that one.

I appreciate the reply, thank you.
Yeah, you're right. It doesn't look like it's worth the money. I went back on their (your) web site and found the one I was talking about. They had it for $57. I was mistaken. Sorry about that.. But they DO look similar. It's been crazy this year. Stuff is just selling out. I already feel like I'm too late and it's not even October. I hate paying for something when I know it was a lot cheaper somewhere else.. Don't know if you buy from Spirit but there's a 20% coupon for in store purchases. Look under "vendor deals" in the forum.
I hate to admit this, but in years past I have waited until after halloween to buy MANY of the props I have. Where I live on halloween and after the independant store owners put everything 50-75% off and I just buy for the next year. But you must realize though, they sell an average mask for 50-75.00 so its not like Im taking adavntage of them at all.
And another thing is, I buy all that crap and by next I have changed my mind and only use a handful of what I bought as Im constantly changing things around.
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