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Here is my entry
a static prop for my cemetary.

Parts list:
Foam head, free from daughter,works @ iParty
Napikins .50
glue .50
PVC pipe free from recycle center
Joints 4.50
Hair free from daugters doll---shhhhhh !
Paint toatal 2.00
Shirt free from son
Screws .60
Newspaper & plastic bags free from recycle center
Tape 1.25
Coat hanger free
Teeth free seashells from the beach
Eyes free from kids bath paint

Total === $9.35

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Cool Pyro..
glad you got it in..
Like it very much ..your blank eyes go great with that color combo
using seashells great idea..I have a crap load of those

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Pyro!! You took hair from your daughters dolly?? haha.

I like the seashell teeth idea. Never would have thought of that... but then again the ocean is a good hour and a half from me.

Glad to see your entering the mache world.
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