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Hey everyone! I just got an idea for the Puget Sound region in Washington to start a Halloween ?Haunters group. What we would do is meet every 3 weeks or once a month at one of the group members home to help with builds for the upcoming season or to teach a class on Haunt related topics to help everyone with their haunts. If I get more than 6 to 8 we cen meet every 3 weeks on a weekend so everyone in the group can get some help with new builds, maintenance of equipment, etc or to teach a class.
At each location people could bring a dish to share for a potluck style lunch or snack table.

What do you all think? If you are within 2 hours of Seattle let me know so I can start up a calendar and get everyone's info through pm. There wont be a "membership fee" perse but just a want to help others and to learn new and maybe better ways of doing things in our haunts.
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