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In the dark of the pumpkin patch, something malevolent lies in wait. Waiting for some unlucky soul to make the mistake of wondering to close to it's domain. When your gaze meets his, it's too late. You feel an uncontrollable urge to get closer, and closer until he snares you in. Ripping out the soul of it's victims and feeding upon their flesh. Before you have a chance to fight you are already becoming one with this beast......becoming a living appendage of The Great Pumpkin Demon!

Howdy y'all. I threw this together with some leftover pieces I had laying around. The head is what I'm most happy with.
I wanted to create a scarecrow that was a bit different (bobzilla's pumpkin vine creeper was a big inspiration). The basic idea is a pumpkin monster that sucks prey into itself and transforms them into a part of him.
I plan on adding motors to make the head swivel and arms move (i didn't have any motors left so I rigged it up to be able to take the motors when I get them). I packed away all my lighting, otherwise I would have snapped it with spooky lighting effects.


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Creating a massive fundraiser haunted house for our local Scout group.
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THF that is awesome!!!! I love the organic feel of the whole thing. Glad it breaks down - storage would be a bit of an issue! I wouldn't mind giving something like this a go for my cemetery walk next year.
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