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I couldn't believe this when I read it. She was so young and beautiful. And like everyone has said, she was so inspiring, with always something nice to say or a haunting idea she wanted to share. It's funny everyone remembers her greeting them when they first arrived. She told me one time she'll always remember me because I was one of the first ones to welcome her. I told her, welcome home, there is a chair sitting by the fireplace waiting for her. She said she knew she was among friends. I think she would like it that so many people remember her welcoming words. Last time I heard from her was a card at Christmas. It was a busy time so we never did much but sign our cards, so I didn't really talk with her. Now I wish I'd taken a few extra minutes to jot something personal. in it. I think all the forums she was on will miss her and what she brought to everyone who talked to her. I'm just rambling now, still shocked to hear the news. I'll miss her. The haunting world will miss one of our favorite haunters.
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