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How do you get the nickname of Ironman?

What was the main reason you decided to call it quits on Ironstock? Do you have any regrets of closing Ironstock?

What would it take to cause you to re-organize another Ironstock? Eventhough you have already decided not to do it again.

What are the things you will miss most about Ironstock?

Are you doing something now that comes close to the adrenaline rush of putting together Ironstock? If not, does it bother you not doing something comparable to Ironstock?

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I remember back in 98' my first halloween website I found thru Alta Vista(before google) was Ironmans, Evil Bob and Don Bertino Haunted Garage. Those websites confirmed that I was not alone. They inspired and shaped my haunt. Who or what inspired you? When did you first know you had that Halloween bug in you?

What was the first moving prop you created? Was it with strings and pulleys?

What kind of costumes did the caveman children wear when you were growing up?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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