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Quick and Dirty bruises. (Lots of Photos)

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I've been detailing a body and needed some decent looking bruises. I looked around online and didn't really find much in the way of instructions, so I futzed around a little on my own and figured I'd share what I learned. I'm using craft paints from Micheal's. Obviously if you are bruising up a person, you'd need to use makeup in the correct colors.

At its most basic, you will need the following:

--a very dense craft sponge. (I don't have a part number as my wife had one. You want a pliable, and very dense sponge that you can rip pieces off from to use)
--I use a cheap craft brush out of the .99 assortments that go on sale at --Micheal's all the time.)
--Navy blue craft paint. (the .99 stuff)
--Brick red craft paint. (Also .99 if I remember correctly)
--paper towel ( to blot your sponge and clean your brush)

Do a Google image search for "Bruise". Spend a little time looking at actual photos of bruises. If you find any you like, print them to use for reference. (I printed some, but ended up just free-handing them all)

Technique. This is really the easy part. Its not as complicated as I thought it would be.

There are 2 main techniques.
1. Straight up and down. You are just dabbing the color without smoothing it at all. This creates the look of blood vessels and scrapes in teh bruise.
2. Dab and Twist. This is dabbing the color down and then twisting the foam to smooth the colors out. When you do this you do NOT get the texture of the foam. I use this to fill and blend areas of the bruise.

-set everything out where you are going to work.

-Grab your sponge and tear off a piece. It doesn't have to be a huge piece, just big enough you can hold on to it properly.
-Open your navy blue paint and get a little on your brush. Paint it onto your sponge. You want to spread it around thin so its not too harsh when you apply it. A little goes a long way, you can always add more later.

-Pick the spot when you want your bruise to be. Dab a little of the blue onto the body. Dab straight up and down to create little spots of blue. (blood vessels) and then dab and twist in random spots to make the blue a little more fuzzy and soft. You want a mix of both styles. Its not going to look like much yet, but dont panic. LESS IS MORE WITH THE BLUE.

-Blot your sponge on the paper towel and then paint a little brick red onto the sponge with the brush. Dont worry about the blue there, just go right over it.

-Use the sponge to blot the red over the top of the blue layer on the body. Again you want a mix of straight up and down passes and some dab and twist. You want more coverage with the red, but you should still be able to see the blue. You are trying for a mottled uneven red tone. You want some unevenness there. Go lightly at first, you can always add more in a second pass if you think to need to.

Continued in the next post.
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very nice, thanks for all the pictures
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