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Quick FCG Question....

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Okay - I apologize for this one:

Is there a link that lists the parts needed for the FCG frame?

Phantasmechanics alludes to the pieces but really doesn't list them.

What size bolts? How many? What size washers? etc. I can figure out the Aluminum - but much is left to the imagination and not the best images.

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I plan to build one like in that link, but I wanted to see how fast and cheap one could be made.

Last night, I built the frame out of scrap 1x4 hardwood boards, drilled holes for my 5.00 ice cream maker motor, mounted it and tested it, works awesome, only thing I had to buy new was sliding glass door rollers with the internal ball berrings that I attached my fishing line to.

Total cost was around 12.00 including ghost, motor and hardware. and excluding the dry time of the gorrilla glue I used, it took me mabey 30 mins to complete, closer to 20. gotta love those types of projects.

I didnt count the 3 pvc fittings I used for the swingarm, I have a bucket full of odd lengths of pvc and fittings, if I had to go out and buy that, that would have added an additional 3.00 to the cost.

Im going to build two FCG platforms the "right" way before halloween, these instructions will come in handy.

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