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Real tombstones for ideas

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My company just started a job right outside the gates of Bonaventure Cemetary. If you've ever read "Midnight in the garden of good and evil", the cover shot on that book was taken here. They called her "Bird Girl"...

I did not take this picture. When the book came out and made her famous, they put her in a museum for fear of theft and vandalism.

ANYHOOT, I did take the rest of these pics yesterday. I thought they might give some inspiration to those looking for tombstone ideas. There is also some pics of some beautiful masuleums and obelisks.

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Inspiration always welcome, nice pics, thanks RookieSpooker!
Very nice Pics..... Rookie
I look at stones all the time for inspiration, some of those are real nice.
I LOVE that cemetery... me and my wife go to savannah every year since our honeymoon, all those statues are gorgeous, not to mention how shady it is with the trees and all that spanish moss... Oh and about the bird girl, I love how they put her in a museum and then hang a sign saying photos are not allowed because it damages it... lol, but luckily you can purchase a photo of her in the gift shop... guess they have one of those special "non statue damaging" cameras.... lmao:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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