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If by 'safely' you mean correctly, typical 'tea light' batteries would be a 3 volt lithium 'coin cell' battery - so any local place which accepts lithium batteries for recycling / disposal would be good. These can sometimes be hardware or department stores (though they may be geared more for old power tool batteries) electronics retailers, or household hazardous waste collection could be possibilities, too. Probably the best would be a search for 'lithium battery recycling' within your area.

One key thing to keep in mind - if you plan on saving up a 'batch' of batteries for recycling. Due to construction, the coin cell batteries can pretty easily short out against each other - due to their exposed 'all metal' construction and the + and - only having a very thin margin of separation. So avoid a box, bag or other random pile of these batteries. Even though they may be 'dead', a direct short could still release some of the magic fire/smoke inside. Some recommend covering each individual battery in tape.

A big multi-page write up:

If by 'safely' you just mean 'in general', then I guess the trash can is close and handy - again, just make sure it doesn't short out!
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