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Redone Skelerector

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Last year, I made a skelerector alogn with the rest of the gang in Haunt Club Chicago. Ater meeting up at people's houses, welding, cutting,and drilling, we got 10 of them finished! We placed a group buy for these rotted corpse half torso's. I threw it together at the last minute and it worked for the season but really wanted to change it. I had a bucky laying around so I put it all together yesterday and today. Im goign to put a long shirt on it to hide the 'missing pelvis area'. Other than that, I think it turned out well. Her'es some pics to show it off.

Last years version

This year's version

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cool - what psi are you at in the vid? i need to make one for this year that comes out from a dining room table but i want it to be lightening fast
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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