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"The EFF is this?" said the Bitter Man through cracked, old lips. The merciless dousing of early October had subsided, and left in its damp wake a trio of Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms atop Bitter Man's crown.

The lingering sogginess and sudden change in weather opened his eyes for the first time in many seasons. And he did not like what he saw. Some bright orange upstart was lobbing irittably far from his pseudovampiric pull.

"Ict, nush plome zeppit muslypp --
Lup puookg nib stottenfuv?
Tleb dwidghyn mussp rhens flottek?
Miyenllp skine zfisst nik --
Pwen plomep nib fiwe ktuch busc fakken drite."

(You there, bouncing about like a toy --
Are there mites on your bottomside?
Perhaps a centipede's eggs, hatching in your hull?
Return at once to the bare spot hence --
Lest you hop onto a sharp stone or a human's rake.)

The new head is actually much closer to what I originally had in mind. It occurred to me that the standard JOL maniacal grin just doesn't resemble an expression we associate with impending doom. The face of someone who has suddenly become a threat to your life is a calmer face, with more disdain. References for the expression and texture were pulled from images of Danny Trejo and Clint Eastwood. I wanted a face that says "You are now standing on a line with sudden, real death on the other side of it."

Test fit:

He won't be going outside this year. I'll seal him once I'm surely satisfied with the paint job. But he and the family were a big hit at today's party.

There's a new member of the family: Djinni Tull. Pappy's warts glow like never before. He hopes to impress the new girl, and use her to help bring down the towering Bitter Man once and for all.

Family pix:

2009 Haunt Props:
The Bitter Man
--> Reimbittereded!
Djinni Tull

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I think I like the face of this one best (tho they're all awesome!). And I like all the names; Djinni Tull, Pappy, Loma... rude as they may be LOL.

(BTW if memory serves me right, the correct term for genital papiloma would be condyloma... maybe your next one could be Khan Di or another female named Connie Dee or something)
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