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Retro-Schlock, or TV Shows I Cringe With Shame For Ever Having To Admit I Watched!

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It has become a ritual of mine to watch my favorite sit-com of all-time, Frasier almost religiously when it comes on. Unfortunately, it plays on Lifetime right now and as anyone knows, this channel has original movies. It was an advert for one such Academy Award winner, that I saw Greg Evigan running hell-bent for leather after a car that was speeding away. Evigan, as you may or may not remember was the titular character for the 70's TV show BJ and The Bear, a program about a trucker with a chimp. If that fails to grab you the prospect about a man and his monkey, then I guess that nothing will. For me, I am totally mortified that this show was recalled to mind. Now, I am forced to create a thread to ask some of you what are shows you once revered now revile and are embarrased to admit you even gave it a second of your time? I'll post some more later, right now, I feel a strong sense of needing to go take a nice, long steaming shower to wash away the taint that has been left on me. Yet another sad case of a man being left alone with his monkey...
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1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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