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rising spirit prop

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Here's my newest prop after a few hours work. It has been one of those props that get started without any particular direction or plan, but start to take on a life of it's own as you start to build. (my favorite type:D ) Anyway, I usually start this type of thing by cleaning the garage, then I find a little bit of this,----- then what if I put it with that?----- then I find another little piece of junk....and before ya know it, a prop is starting to be born. At this stage, this guy is pretty rough still, but it is taking shape nicely. I'll take any ideas or suggestions you want to throw at me.....this prop is a long way from being done, but I just had to post up a baby picture of the new cutie!
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Will this be pneumatic? Looks great so far!
no pneumatics on this one. It is a static prop with the the possibility of adding some movement with a shaker motor.....the armature is very springy, and he kinda bobs up ad down with very little effort.....not sure where it is headed, but I'll keep you posted as he develops.
Very interesting creature you have there!
Thanks FE....hopefully I didn't post too early....I can see where its headed but the picture is pretty rough. After sleeping on it, I think I will do a hanging flesh corpse job, but stil try to keep the general effect very spirit-like, as if this is a ghost leaving the grave, or something like that. I also thought I might be able to somehow hook it up to a strong shiatsu massager that I picked up at a yard sale to give it a little bit of movement.
Looks cool Dave.
now you need the dirt bottom grave.
you can never post too early..I really find it interesting to see props evolve, especially when they turn out completely different than intended. I wish more folks would "Blog" thier prop building too. Give us your thoughts at the time of the pic.
Did some more work last night....textured and filled in the tail column with greatstuff, dry brushed the entire prop, then skinned with black pantyhose and latex.

Awesome work.

You are a great talent.
That's really shaping up. I like the sculpture feel it has.
One more picture...nearly finished now. I had a very hard time trying to get a decent dark shot, so I edited this picture to brighten it up....turned out kinda cool...

I have started some experiments with making him move, but so far I'm not even sure I want this to be animated. The way it is built, a slight breeze should move it around just fine. I'll keep you all posted with that part of the project.:rolleyes:
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DOD that would look awsome with the right grave stone. Definitly a cool static prop

a little fog...spooky.
DOD that would look awsome with the right grave stone. Definitly a cool static prop
What kind of stone would you suggest? I have been thinking about this guy, and am getting flashes of a group of 3 or more twisting in and out of each other as they escape a grave or crypt....what do you think? ( they are certainly easy enough to make!)
Ok, I promise this is the last picture of this prop (for now, anyway)

I start on his comrades this weekend.....:D
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Beautiful, Dave! Or should I say Gruesome, yes, that's more of a compliment!
WoW that thing lookd freaking COOL!!!!!!nice job.....
hey dave really creepy-3 of them you say thats going to look good-
any chances of a how to?
Pyro, I have the 2nd one nearly done and have taken lots of step-by-step pictures....don't know about a full-fledged how-to, but I'll post up an album full of pix for ya!:cool:
here's a peak at the 2nd one. I have a bunch of pictures to sort thru, and definitely need to wait for it to quit raining to get a good shot of both together.
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