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Road Warrior!

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Well, ladies and gents, tomorrow, that day you've all been hearing me grouse about for a few weeks has finally come to pass. Early in the morning I hit the road for Georgia to see a good friend of mine and then from there, it's California time. If I seem to be on infrequently at times, you'll know why, especially when I head west.

I'll be meeting up with one of our infrequent forum members, the lovely Joyfuldead to hang out for a bit before I head to the Peach state. I have regrets for not getting to meet personally my buddy Raxl and his wife, lipstikgrl, Pete and his wife Nefarious1 and of course, our beauteous lady of the grapes, grapegrl herself. Maybe one day, we can all get together for some monster Unpleasant Street bash.

Keep the faith brothers and sisters, and hopefully one day I can see this move as a happier time rather than a dead soul requiem. Ken "Sinister" King :xbones:
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Have a safe trip and look at it as a new begining...and drop us a line when you arrive.
Hope you have a safe trip, Sin!
Thanks you guys. I hope I'm not off for too long periods of time. I'll keep you all posted on my wanderings and any adventures I might find myself in. ;)
Sinister said:
...my wanderings and any adventures I might find myself in. ;)
Take those adventures and write a book!
dougspaulding said:
Give me a call tomorrow.
Will do. I have some good news about that nineteenth century thing we discussed back a few weeks ago. I think you will like this. :D
You have a safe and easy trip Sinister. I'm envious of ya. Georgia is one of the states I would love to visit. Maybe someday. You enjoy your trip. Take bail money!!!!!!
May all your roads be dry, the traffic fast, and nary a cop in sight.

Safe trip Sinister
Thanks! Yeah, cops around here, especially DOT and FHP just LOVE writing more than I do. Unfortunately, they write the same things over and over and it's never any good. :D
If we play phone tag today, please drop a line when you arrive at your final destination.

Happy travels and we'll see you soon!
You know I will, brah!
steal the coppers pen easy no ticket :) wheres my pen ....uhhh what pen officer what ever do you mean lol
Have a good trip Sinister
"A New Beginning".
"Final Destination".

Damn, anybody else notice how often horror movie titles end up in a thread?:p \

Seriously, though, have a safe trip, Sin-man. :D :D
You're like our very own Uncle Traveling Matt. Or was is Mack?
Has anyone else ever even seen Fraggle Rock, or am I just muttering aimlessly to myself?:confused:
Thanks, Raxl. Too bad we couldn't have gotten together before I hit the highway, man. Maybe we can still do it somewhere down the line. :)
Travel safely and well. Enjoy yourself and stay out of trouble (where you can - of course). Look forward to hearing about your travels.

Let me know if you're passing through south Texas.
The chances are very good that I will be passing through. I have to check my travel route, but I'm almost positive that I am.
gimme a hollar - I'm always hoping to meet my fellow-haunters
Hey Sinister
Have a safe trip. Check in when you can, you know you will be missed around here.
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