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Rocking grandma

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Saw a while back some of the works that had the bucky rocking in the chair. Can you point me to an easy linkage and what motor to hook up. Got the chair today... Thanks
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2 years ago I used a wiper motor to make it rock. It was the same as the how to posted above mine. Last year I Decided I wanted more animation and made it into a pneumatic.



Just tossin out some ideas ;)
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Oh yeah, it was a big hit, got a ton of scares!

The Wicker has held up fine. I cut out the spots where the cylinder could extend out and the 4 bar would but it still has stayed in weave. I picked it up at goodwill for 10 bucks and been seeing them everywhere since
No rocking any more, just the pop up. I Used Steel tubing for the whole thing and I think it would put way to much stress on the wiper motor.
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