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Rocking grandma

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Saw a while back some of the works that had the bucky rocking in the chair. Can you point me to an easy linkage and what motor to hook up. Got the chair today... Thanks
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Here's another link for a rocking chair: http://littlekeylime.com/hill_house_haunt/hauntedrockingchair.htm The motor is a wiper motor and the linkage is made of scrap material, looks like! Theirs is powered by a charger, but we use ATX computer power supplies with wiper motors and I LOVE them!

We're making one for a similar prop--silhouette of a little old lady holding what looks like a baby, but when the lightning flashes and illuminates them from the front, it's a blucky dressed like Norman Bates' mom and the "baby" is a demon teddy bear!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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