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Rust Patina

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I have been working with rust patinas lately, I have been using products from Sculpt Nouveau. I have written about my experiences here
The products actually cause rust, and oxidation to take place. The are really cool and you can achieve some really nice effects.
Here are some pictures

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that gives it a real nice color, cool
Krough, I think that's the same brand of stuff I used to put the verdigris patina on my cannon last year. They make several different "weathered" finishes.... great stuff!
neat, it looks like metal. Did you paint onto that skull to make it look like that?
Interesting effect, thanks krough.
Yes, I painted the skull with black spray paint, then "Iron Coating B" (2 coats). As the second coat was still wet I painted on "Tan Patina". Then sprayed the whole thing with "Tiffany Green Patina", and lightly dabbed it off with a paper towel and waited for it to oxidize.
Dude, that skull is sick looking. I love it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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