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Scale model

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Has anyone here ever made a scale model of their maze complete with its scenes, stairways/ramps, color schemes, etc.? I really wanna make one....Theyre fun to make, helpful throughout the various stages of haunt building, and may also be neat to display near the front of my attraction. I tried once with poster board, exacto knife, and pins....it turned out pretty trashy. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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THeme, This is a scale model that Born2haunt made. It's made out of clay. Maybe it can give you some ideas for making yours. He has step by step pics of all the accessories he's added to the house.

So I innitiated my attack on a scale model of my haunt last night. Its easy with a scale ruler - I measured everything out so it would be exactly to scale of how I'll build it in real life. This morning I started glueing the walls in. I used gorilla glue which didnt hold them up at all - soo frustrating - gently nudging the walls back up as they would slowly start to wilt over...it way sucked....they just wouldnt stay. So I got out the epoxy and it went fairly quick from there. I'm tired of it for now - hunching over and measuring takes it out of you, plus im pretty hammerd from smelling that epoxy glue everytime I mixed it.

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this is what i got done this evening
still have some to go

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that is extremely cool.
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