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These are the rules for the "Scarecrow Showdown" challenge. As time progresses, these rules may be ammended to clarify any unclear rules as well as address any concerns that arise during the course of this contest.

Please read all of these rules carefully and post any questions or concerns you may have to this thread and it will be addressed.

Scarecrow limitations:
  • Your scarecrow must be defined as follows: A crude image or effigy of a person set up in a field to scare birds away from growing crops
  • Scarecrow must be of a height equal to or greater than than 72" tall from the point of contact with the ground to the highest point on the figure. One of your photographs must show the entire scarecrow laid out on the ground (or standing up) with a ruler/tape measure next to it detailing the size. I realize measuring a 10' tall figure is challenging, so you only need to show that it is at least 72" in your photo.
  • No animations will be allowed.
  • Internal lighting of the scarecrow is acceptable.
  • Contact to the ground is limited to a maximum of 4" x 4", which may be driven into the ground or attached to a flat, plain plywood or "wooden cross" base which will hold the post upright.
  • Total cost to build the scarecrow must be $50 or less.

  • One entry per person.
  • Entry must be a newly built item. No previously made scarecrows allowed.
  • An entrant MUST have at least 30 new posts on the forums between July 16th, 2006 and September 30th, 2006.
  • Permanently banned members and members temporarily banned between the start and end of the contest are not eligible to enter.
  • Entrants MUST post their entry in the form of a new thread in this forum. The new thread must contain the details of your scarecrow and a picture of it as well (link okay).
  • The deadline for the entry is September 30th, 2006. Your entry must be posted to the forum before the end of the day on September 30th (EDT).
  • Details must include a brief summary of how the scarecrow was made and a list of supplies used. How-to's are welcome but not required.
  • The list of supplies must specify the cost of each item, and the cost must total $50 or less. You are allowed to go over by up to $2.
  • Supply prices must be reasonable - Using that Bucky skeleton that someone sold you for $3 isn't fair, but if you found some scrap lumber or foam in a dumpster or via Freecycle, that can be claimed as free. Use your head and some common sense here.
  • Expendable and quantity items such as glue, paint, screws, spray foam etc... can be pro-rated.
  • Shipping costs to obtain materials shall not be included in your total cost to build. Feel free to obtain materials from eBay or online vendors and only count the cost of the item towards the total.
  • All new threads (entries) in this forum will be moderated by Zombie-F and will not appear publicly to forum members until approved by Zombie-F.
  • All non-newbie members (10 posts or more) may vote for up to three entries during the voting period. This ensures diversity in the voting.
  • Contest participants may not vote for their own entry. Vote for someone else's item as a courtesy.
  • All votes will have their ip addresses checked. If a user appears to have registered numerous accounts to spike the vote, they will be disqualified.

While we're not allowing animations in the prop this time around, it is ok to use internal lighting with your entries. You may even use external lighting to create "ambiance" for your entry photograpy. Get creative with the actual photography... photograph your entry near the edge of a forest, in a field, etc.


Now, start your engines and let the madness begin!
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