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Scariest Scene

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I am sure that most of you have been to alot of haunts. What do you think the scariest or most effect scene was?
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as for scariness... i believe that drop pannels are a great scare.
however those really aren't "scenes"
as for scenes, i think it really depends on what you're afraid of.
a spider room might scare the daylights out of some girl.
and some little kid might walk through and say "hey that's cool."
we, however did recieve a lot of "compliments" about our kids room we had last year. we had our finger food prop in the corner in a wagon, a tv on a motion sensor, and our little neighbor kid from across the street that would say "have you seen my mommy?"
I think what one person thinks is scary someone else might not.
I think the anticipation of what is around the corner in the dark scares most people.
I agree with frontyard ..it depends on what scares you most.
I don't scare easy so that's a hard question. I just like all the props and stuff that go into it.
I think things that heighten our senses, scares us. Walk down a street in the day and it's not scary, but at night with limited sight we keep looking around and we are jumpy. Sitting in silence we jump at a loud noise. And when we stick our hands in something slimy we pull back right away. Of course the imagantion is working the whole time too. I love being scared. The heart pounding faster, being anxious, looking around for the next thing. Go ahead, scare me.
"And when we stick our hands in something slimy we pull back right away."

...........uh.........huh huh.......huh..........uh

You put your hands in something 'slimy'?!?!?!?!?! Scareme, are you flirting with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
LOL My mind is TOO creative sometimes and makes up scenarios that don't exist, simply because it likes fiction.
I agree with all of the comments, however I am trying to put together a new haunt and I thought it would be great if I strted with what the pro's thought were the most effective scenes/scares in a haunted house. That way even if I can only manage to do 15 rooms, they will all be very effective
ok so you want ides
spider room and victims in webs
corpse room- rats eating them
drowned victims
tortue room
werewolves in the woods
cemetary scenes
dark room with scary noises ..growling howling ghosts moaning
swamp witches
Clowns, don't forget about the clowns! My wife is terrified of them. I tend to just laugh my ass off when in a haunted house, not that it's funny, just my reaction. Same thing happens on rollercoasters, don't know why. Guess I don't scare too easily, when I know that there is no real harm coming. On the other hand, I have been known to jump a little w/ a good scary movie.
yes, i agree with the sense thing that scareme said.
if you put someone in a dark room, they become more aware of sounds...
stuff like that.
at the haunt i use to work at they had a thing called "the rat hole" all it was, was a pitch black hallway and the walls got narrow as you went down the walk.
it was something so simple, yet people were screaming their eyes out!
there were no scares in the hallway, just pure black and the sounds of other people screaming ahead of them.
if you were to put someone inside one of the walls... you would have a perfect scare!
I'm with you BudMan. I tend to laugh my way through. I can't help it.
If someone manages to make me jump. I laugh after.
A maniac has a chainsaw at my ankles? It draws giggles from me. I just think of it as fun.

Oh, I thought of one thing that made me think twice.
I went through a haunt in Baton Rouge that had a crematory. This mute dude directed us to a small door on an incinerator. We had to climb up into it and crawl our way through. It ended up in the back of a Hearse. Then we had to crawl through the Hearse to get to the rest of the haunt. Pretty cool! It was a transition area between the indoor and outdoor part of the haunt. I had to be the brave one and go first. I actually asked the guy, "You expect me to go in there?" It was funny. Our group actually discussed it before we went in. I really thought it was a joke at first. The actor was good. He just silently waved us where we were supposed to go.

I really was surprised. I didn't know what to expect.
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In my opinion, the scariest thing in any haunt is being caught by surprise. I've been to haunts that were just plain lame...just eye candy and nothing more.

I've been to haunts that had gotten my focus directed to an awesome creative static display (and I thought that was all there is). Then when my mind was "taking it all in" either an actor or a pneumatic prop would scare me...but the timing had to be right...like the feeling that I was moving on to the next room or something.

I think it's all about the "shock". Finding a way to shock the visitors when they'd least expect it is the most effective.

Many will say that you (and your actors) are the best props, and you are.

For our haunted trail, I like to have nice scenes set up (cemetery, lighting, maybe a torture room built, etc, etc.) 2 years ago, I had a drill powered electric chair that I manually ran off a dimmer switch. The wagon stops...people take in all that is set up and I set off the chair. People get a kick out of it...some are scared at the sudden movement. Then the wagon starts up again and the real actors are ready to scare all those who assumed it was all over.
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That way even if I can only manage to do 15 rooms, they will all be very effective
ONLY manage to do 15 rooms? gregsalyers, that's a LOT of rooms and is definitely a full-blown haunt. Do you have a theme? A back-story? That would make it SOOO much easier for you decide on scenes.

It is all so subjective -- scares are. As everyone has said, what goes for one may not fly for the other. The trick is to make them uncomfortable. Put them in situations they will not normally face in life. Once you do that, the scares come easily.
For example, my entire haunt this year is a medikal klinic that has been taken over by killer klowns from the nearby psycho ward. Our Laundromat in the haunt is where VERY large brightly colored pairs of underware and brassieres will be hanging from overhead for customers to maneuver through. To add to it all, the undies will be wet and a tad bit stained. Now, this is an uncomfortable situation they would (hopefully) never face in everyday life. This is the distraction -- thus an opportunity for an easy scare.

It takes time and creativity to come up with different scenarios, but when they work, it's so rewarding. When they don't(I've had some bombs!), rework them for the next night and keep going. Just remember, it's all about setting them off-kilter -- putting them in a situation that's beyond the norm. When you do that...THEY ARE YOURS! :jol:
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Greg, what is your theme and I think we all can help you. Some of us do haunts, some do trails but when you say "rooms" I am thinking this is inside. You want to know what we created that seemed to scare the most the best, is that right?
One time i was in a haunted corn maze and i was walking along talking to a freind not looking in front of me. I stoped walking for a second and when i looked in front of me there was a guy wareing a in front of me and waited for me to turn around expecting to scare me. And it was even funnier when my freind told me he had been standing there for a few minutes waiting! LOL. Some other person may have been really scared about this since they were there so suddenly.

I know some people who jump ten feet when a chain saw runs by or when the people in gorila suits "exscape" from their cages.
My theme is little girl nightmares....the first scene will be a little girls room with an vortex tunnel in the back of her closet that transports the patron to the world of her nightmares....after that??????????
wow. thats a cool idea for a theme.
one that we got a lot of comments on was in our "Asylum of Clowns" there was a Jail room that we had a live actor in a full clown costume in there. they would sit in the corner rocking as if they were crazy, then as they customer walked by, the clown would stick out there arm through the bars and squeese a loud honker at their feet.
More than anything I would recommend getting a strict theme and story line and going with it. I know its fun to do a bunch of different rooms but I myself believe it is more scary and realistic when all the rooms,scenes and props match your theme and story line. I don't think people have enough time to process 15 different themed rooms. 99% of all horror films stay with a story till the end think about if in the middle of Friday the 13th they cut to Barney singing the I love you song and then it cut to some old episode of Miami Vice. It would totally ruin the movie. I think if you apply the strict story line to your haunt you will get more thumbs up from customers. Later all :jol:
There used to be a haunt called the Bates Motel in Evansville, IN that was an actual old hotel building and it was multiple floors. One scene you walked into a room and there were bodyparts slung everywhere and a record player that was skipping because the needle was bumping up against the decapitated head that was sitting on the turntable. At first I wasn't that impressed because I thought that the person who was supposed to be in the room was on break or something or that it was just static. But then I wondered why there were 4 foot letters on the walls that read The Butcher. Unaware to my group the area behind us was open and that there was a ledge behind us about even with the middle of our backs. I started to hear this swishing noise like something slicing through the air. I looked over my shoulder and up on this ledge was a very demented very evil half human, half demonlike thing with a REAL scythe and he was just moving it back and forth about a foot above our heads. SCARED ME S#$%LESS! The great thing about it to me was that some people probably walked through and never saw him, but if you did....whew! Some people wouldn't think it was that scary, but it always stood out to me. It's what I don't know is there that scares me more than something I know is coming like the ever present guy with a chainsaw.
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I went to a haunt this past October which is basically the same theme.
It was called Nightmare, but this year it's called Nightmare: Ghost Stories apparently.
Find my review for it in my posts if you want to.

Anyways it sounds similar to yours.
My favorite thing to use in my haunts is disorientation.
It's so creepy to walk aroud in pitch black with no sounds or anything and then you start to hear some breathing or something.
OR, an idea I had for my haunt this year is to have a room with a door on the other side or whatever, and just have it look normal, then turn off the lights and have the room be spinnable, cheap wood. Have a man to each wall on the outside spin it clockwise when it's pitch black and then turn the lights back on.
OR strobe lights while it's spinning.
I think that would be reeeeeally confusing. :D
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