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Scents Associated With Halloween!

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Halloween is just more than the creatures, tales, Monster Fests, Trick-Or-Treating, decorations etc. There are scents that automatically put you in the mood for the holiday. What are some of your favorites?

1. Dead Leaves: Either the scent of the smoke from some burning, or the subtle, yet definitly noticeable scent of the clustered piles here and there or the ones you traed on or that still cling to the bare bones of the dead trees.

2. The scent given off by those cheap, plastic pumpkins that have been around since the inception of the holiday.

3. The wind. Yes, the wind itself has one. The clean air that is. Not applicable if you live downwind of a fertilizer factory.

4. Candies made specifically for that time of year. Especially Candy Corn.

5. Candles, of course!

Gonna go with 5 for now. Give someone else a crack at it. :D
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I use an oil burner year round to burn scented oils that are reminiscent of the dark half of the year. Here's what smells I use:

  • Patchouli
  • Cinammon
  • Green Apple
  • Pumpkin

Yankee Candle also used to make a candle called "Witch's Brew" that mixed the scents of Patchouli and pumpkin for a really cool Halloween scent.

The other smells that remind me of Halloween are Apple cider, decaying leaves, and candy corn. Oh yeah, and the smell of black spray paint since I use so much of it to touch up the cemetery fences when the paint cracks.
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As I sit here burning a pumpkin spice candle, I was reminded of this thread. Just thought I'd give it a good 'old bump to see if I can give it a kickstart.

I've wanted to try some of these but never have gotten around to it.

"...the smell of a freshly dug grave in your cemetery..." Now that could add to the ambiance.

Hmmm... Scents associated with Halloween, huh?
It almost seems that they have all been covered. lol But I think I could come up with a few. They are different for me because my anniversary is on Halloween so I think of...

Pot and

:D :jol:
The scent of a circus with freshly popped popcorn and the sweet smell of cotton candy.
Nefarious1 said:

Pot and

:D :jol:

Nice to bring back those memories of Halloween past. :D

1. Candles ;)
2. crisp cool air (not downwind of a fertilizer company :p
3. apples
4. cinnamon
5. patchulli

Just to name a few
I can think of one that's been missed. The strong odor of latex masks in all the stores that sell Halloween costumes and decorations. :jol:
That's a good one, I find that smell mixed with the candy in the next isle over is very strong :D Always a pleasant smell this time of year .. I also forgot for myself, the smell of Pumpkin bread and pumpkin seeds. Those were always cooking this time of year at home :)
Yeah... Gotta agree with the husband on this one.

Patchouli = :sick:
Let me think - apple cider, powdered sugar donuts, caramel apples cooking, candy corn, the damp scent of the dying leaves you get in the air on a crisp night of TOT'ing.
I know it's only August, but I couldn't resist bumping this thread. I'm looking so forward to a respite from the heat and the start of Autumn, I can't stand it!

burning leaves
homemade caramel popcorn
a newly-opened bag of Brach's mallocreme pumpkins
the inside of a freshly-carved pumpkin
spice or licorice scented candles
Yes, I love this thread. Good going here Double G. Hopefully it will be cool enough in NW Florida this year that you will get the chill breeze also associated with the holiday. I so love the smell of wood/dead leaf fires on the icy air. :jol:
Fall definitely has it's own "scent". It's almost imperceptible, but at the very end of the summer you can smell it on one of those precious and fleeting cool breezes that comes along.
The faint smell of rotting leaves after the first couple of rains.

I agree with grapegrl, that "scent" can be very hard to catch. My wife calls it the "Halloween" scent.
I love to burn candles with fragrances of Apple-cinnamon, Granny Smith, Spiced Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Golden spiced pear, harvest, hazelnut coffee.

The smell of a freshly cut pumpkin
Pumpkin pie baking
The change in the air
Candy corn
Popcorn balls
Candy apples & caramel apples
The Cranberry Festival in the pinelands (it's a week or two before before Halloween)
Making Applesauce (my sister-in-law and I make and can the applesauce. We go to the farm and pick them in the fields and while we're there, the farm stand already had their Halloween items, pumpkins, and seasonal items for sale. It's a wonderful trip)
Apple Cider donuts and Apple Cider by the gallons (same farm we go to)
The smell of cornstalks and hay
Definitely the latex masks and props in the stores and when you open a box that contains a new prop or costume.
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Pumpkin scented candles yes,
citronella torches (only use them at halloween)
wet dirt
also every time we have a bon fire: smoke scents wonderful
Chili..we have a huge roaster full for our party every yr.
candy corn
caramel apples
Crisp fall air
freshly made wapaghoulie,
to many to mention almost everything i see or smell makes me think of halloween...what can i make with that ...HAHA I LOVE IT.
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