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Score Baby!!!....score!!

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I picked up two full size male mannequins off craigs list for $30 each!! Great shape, great pose, movable arms legs and hands!! Folks if you dont try craigs list, you are missing some good deals, granted I had to go into the ghetto in Detroit...but if you dont go out on a limb...you wont get the fruit!!

use key words in the "for sale" section like" Halloween, props, fog machine, etc.
I have a woman who is getting rid of her entire halloween collection which includes full size animated props, heads, arms, legs, foggers, cheap. I posted a "Props wanted" on craigs list and she responded!!

Also check out the "free" section as you can find all kinds of free stuff like 55 gallon drums, plywood, crates, pallets, fences all kinds of stuff to save you money to build your props...Check it out!

www.craigslist.com choose your city to the right and start looking!!

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That's wonderful. We don't have the room to store mannequins so we build our own each year with 2x4s, padding, clothing, hands, masks etc.
However, you got a STEAL and someday when I have a home with a basement...that would be too cool a place to store mannequins year round.
Going to Craig's List now. I love that site.
Score here too!! Yesterday I looked on Craigslist and saw that someone was selling a "tub" full of Halloween lights for $10. I emailed and went to pick them up. It was a large rubbermaid container full of those orange lights, some had little ghosts on them, there were 2 large spider web lights, lots of garlands with lights. What a score!! and they all worked!!
Yay!! Craigslist!!

I have found the best time time to check is Sunday and Monday. Looks like folks start to post on Sunday (spare time) or Monday when they get into the office. Keep looking today and tomorrow and post what kinds of stuff you find!

Thanks for the heads up! I'll be switching between this web site and CL for the rest of the day!
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