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Shiver Me Timbers - Another Costume - Pics

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OK - finished this today... It's a very theatrical pirate costume.

The bodice is taffeta with black velvet pattern and the skirt is black microsuede. The lacing strips with eyelets is synthetic leather, although the lacing itself is genuine black leather/suede.

Now I can start a very special project that I promised to make for somebody. :)

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BOING!!!!! is right Ms W!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheh

hehe is right - quite ...hott :) in a piraty sorta way pf course
lol - THANKS!!!!

This is one of those FUN costumes!!!!!! ;)
another nice costume by the seamstress on board..
ok what you making next / who's it for?
inquiring minds want to know
Very NICE K.

This is your best piece yet!!!
Wow! Excellent work there Ms. W. Mutiny never looked so good! :)
Well thanks SO MUCH everybody!

Lily, my next project is another vampire cape - I recently made that didn't turn out right, so I'm doing another one.

After the cape, I'll need to figure out what to make next!
Oh My God!!!!
Your Avie.....Way Too FunnY!!!!
It's The Bat Climb!!!!

Remember the cameos of people looking out of the windows during the tv show? I just watched the 1966 movie with the kids, and they did the climb in that too!

Makes me think, maybe I'll have to do a Cat Woman costume, although I'd never wear that.

It would just be fun. I'm a real retro nerd.
Nice job!!!

Oh yeah.......Cat Woman costume, I'd like to see that!!!
wow, u amaze me with ur talent. Another great costume u stiched up!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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