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shooting at my house

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Got a call when I arrived at work today from my kids saying there was somebody shot next door...I got home a quickly as I could, as they were alone and freaked out. Turns out my whole block was quardened off with police tape, and the guy who was shot knew who the shooter was, he was leaning into the car window when he was shot, stumbled away, 4 more shots were fired, some hit my neighbors garage door. He collapsed 10 feet from my door, but was taken away before I got home. The walkway was covered with blood, and he dropped his cell phone, it too was bloody. Here are some pics I took of the investigation. I wonder if I should move?

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Wow, thats aweful, are your kids ok? Did any bullets hit your house? Hope every things ok.
SH*T!!! I'm EXTREMELY glad your kids are okay, and that you and no one of your family was around outside when it happened!
yea, me too, and no, no bullets hit my house, thankfully. They are cleaning up the blood, but not before I got a pic!
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I too hope that the kids are alright. They must have been terrified! Give them some extra hugs from all of us.
WOW, sorry your kids had to go threw that. This kind of stuff happens everywhere these days so I don't think moving would help, but it may give you and your family a piece of mind.
Hope the guy that was shot is ok.
Naaa we won't move. Not for that reason, anyway. The odds of it happening again here is remote, I doubt there'll be a repeat of the incident here. We've been here two years, and it's always been quiet. My kids are joking around about it and collecting the police tape as they take it down. Kids. Go figure.
That is truly awful Doc. Sorry your kids witnessed that. Terrible stuff.
Dang, man! Glad your kids are OK!

At least you have some authentic police tape for the haunt this year!
Wow! Sorry about your kids having to experience that, but I am glad everyone is ok.
Dang, man! Glad your kids are OK!

At least you have some authentic police tape for the haunt this year!
LOL! I was thinking the same thing, oct..Even in tragedy, a haunters mind never stops. I wouldn't use it though, it would be in extremely poor taste using the very same tape that quardened off an area where my neighbor was shot. I just couldn't do it.
I love special effects gore, but REAL gore is just something that I dont want anyone to go through.
Doc M., I am also glad your family is okay, nothing worse than finding out your family could be in danger.
Wow Doc, that's terrible! :eek:

As long as you and yours are fine, that's what's important. I hope the kids aren't too shaken up.

Personally, I dunno if I could continue to live there after something like that happened.
You better move out of the crawlspace Z-F! :D
A few years ago an armed burglar tried to break into my house while my wife was home alone. That scared the bejeezus out of both of us. I can't imagine what I would be thinking if a shooting occurred next door. So glad that your kids are OK, Doc.
BTW, the police did catch the burglar - it was his 3rd strike and he's still in jail.
I'd take the kids somewhere this weekend to get their minds off of it. Give them lots of hugs from us here at Hauntforum!
Well Doc, glad everyone is ok.
Obviously, this hits close to all of us.

Funny about your kids collecting the tape line.
This has be one of those "warm fuzzies" that have been going around?? LOL
The kids are taking it just fine..they were scared at first, but now they think of it as an adventure. My next door neighbor, Joe, ( not the one that was involved in the shooting) couldn't get into his home because the cops taped off his yard so they could investigate the area where the victom fell (the blood shot I got). Here's a vid of that part, he stayed at our house until he could get beck in. He wasn't home at the time of the shooting either, but had just left before it occured.
shooting video by DrMorbius02 - [email protected]@[email protected]@http://vid23.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid23.photobucket.com/albums/b364/DrMorbius02/[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@b364/DrMorbius02/shooting
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