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I built a kind of dwarf Stalkabout. LOL

He's roughly 3' tall and was meant to be used in black light. He looks fantastic when viewing it with your eye, but my wife had a heck of a time caturing the blacklight effect on camera. Different light lengths?

Here's another shot in light:

The hand with knife was operated by a rod, he held a bright green glowing liquid in a bottle in his other hand. His head was operated by a rod, and each foot had a strip of cardboard screwed to the bottom of the heel that was taped onto my own foot. I didn't have moola left in the challenge for a harness, so I drilled a hole in 1" by 6" scrap wood, and stuck the 1/2" pvc [that came out his back] through it. Then my wife taped that sucker over my shirt to my chest:

The effect was that he was actualy able to walk, wave a knife and move his head. In actuality, he was about 18" in front of me. Again, we tried to take movies of this prop, but the camera would not pick it up very well, but here's 3 short ones to give an idea.





(3) 1/2" x 5' pvc pipes .85 = 2.55

horror head 6.00

scraps of cheese cloth 0.00 [left over from other projects]

Hospital scrubs 0.00 [got from a friend ho was going to throw them away because they didn't fit her anymore.]

(8) cable ties .08 [prorated $1.00 for 100]

two mismatched shoes 0.00 [taken from junk closet because the mates were lost eons ago.]

Tape 2.00 [prorated]

Screws for shoes 0.00 from junk drawer.

carabiner 1.00 [prorated from $3 for 3]

wood rod for arm 0.00 [broken and from trash]

rod with theads 1.50

newspaper muscles 0.00 [from junk mail]

scissors 0.00 [what house with kids doesn't have them?]

round box 2.00

(3) pvc t's - .50 each = 1.50

Knit gloves [trashed from gardening] 0.00

wire coat hanger for fingers 0.00 [from trash]

(2) large eye bolts with nuts 2.00

(2) nuts for threads rod 0.00 [from junk drawer]

Some black, hot pink, neon blue, neon yellow and neon green paint. 0.00 [Had from prior projects]

2" x 2" Scrap Wood 0.00 [from trash]

1" x 6" scrap wood 0.00 [from trash]

½" Pvc cap .33

Hot glue 1.00?

Total: 19.96 :D

I have lots'o pictures in my photo album: prop challenge pictures by Sickie_Ickie - Photobucket

My suggestion is to start on page 3 and work your way backwards. Somehow all the pics are in revearse order! LOL

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Great Idea Sickie,
will do great in a black room with blacklight.
Should freak out somebody haha
nice job

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Very good idea. You can really sneak up on some people with that, and he is real creepy looking. Fantastic veinage. LOL! Nice job!

What kind of black light do you have?
You can probably get a pretty good up-close photo if you have a flourescent black light in a pitch room and hold the light real close to the prop and shine it upward. That is how I photographed my ghost and it worked well. Hint, hint....I am suggesting this for purely selfish reasons. I am going to look at the video right now.

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Here's my how to. I had to be a cheapskate and be creative with this because of the $20 cost.

There is a pic of the progress of the build for each of these steps in my album. Start on page three at the bottom and work back to page one at the top. :D http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h231/Sickie_Ickie/prop challenge/?start=40

How to:



The $6 cut off head latex head I bought was polyfiber filled. I cut off the bottom of the neck (and saved it to use in a another prop and removed the poly.


I found a wooden round box at Michael's that was the same size as the neck I needed. I took off the lid (and saved that for another prop naturally). Drilled a hole in the middle of it and drilled a hole in the pvc cap. I screwed the eye bolt through both from the bottom and screed the nut on it. I used a little hot glue to make sure the nut wouldn't unscrew.


I cut pvc pipe in about the same size height as the head and attached it to the pvc cap. Then I drilled a hole through the end of the pipe to attach the threaded rod with a bold sandwiching the pipe. Make a slit in the back of the head, slip it over the threaded rod, insert back the poly and push the rod and neck into the hole.


Scraps of cheese cloth were used to cover the head. Old dishrags my wife was throwing out for the neck. Cheaper than gauze and I already had it.

The carabiner is used to tie both the neck eyebolt and body eyebolt together. The head is able to be removed this way for storage.


I took a pvc T and attached drilled a hole to attach an eye screw bolt through the top. The nut inside and a little hot glue to make sure it didn't undo.

Cut and attach pipe peices for shoulders using hot glue as an adhesive within the compression fittings. Make the pelvis in the same way without the eyebolt.

Legs and arms are two pipes apiece with holes drilled at the ends. Cable ties go through these holes to create hinges.


The spine is made roughly to the length you want, then the top third is cut off to have a pvc T put in between the two pieces. The hole should face to the back because this is the support on the actor's body for the weight of the stalkabout.


I made muscles by crumbling junk mail advertisements and taping them in place.



Scrubs were donated and the pants were chopped for shorter length. The waist of the pants is tied with a cable tie.

The cut off pants is used on the shirt and taped in place to create long sleeves. The bottom of the shirt is cropped to size and a hole slit in back so the pvc can come out the back as the support. A hole is also slit into the right sleeve for the wood dowel to come through.


The hands are just knit gloves that were to be trashed, but filled with toilet paper and wire hanger. The rod is inserted by the arm (taped) and into the glove. The knife and fingers are just hot glued nto place. The hand that holds the potion is hot glued into place as well as onto the potion bottle itself.


The feet are scrap 2" x 2" cut to fit into the shoes (mismatched from out junk closet) and have a hole drilled into them to accomadate the pvc. They have cardboard screwed underneath into the heels, and they are eventually taped onto the actor's shoes.


The mechanisms


1" x 6" scrap wood had a hole drilled into it to accomadate the pvc coming out of the back of the body. The scrap wood was then taped on my chest as a harness. No money left for a real harness, and I found out that the taped one works pretty damn well!


Black sweats on the actor, Black paint on parts not wanting to be seen, blacklight paint on stuff you do want to be seen and voila! Sickie Ickie's Dwarf Stalkabout!

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Thanks all! To have so much work in a nice looking prop in real life and not have it show up on film is frustrating to say the least! LOL But he will get action this year in my haunt!

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Watched the video. The details start to show as he gets closer to the camera. I am sure you will scare the heck out of people with it. I think this is a very clever prop. Don't worry about the photos. It looks great in regular light, and we all know that it looks fantastic under the uv. ..... we know you searched for the most effective paint. LOL!

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Very creative prop! I was looking through the materials list out of curiosity, and I have to say you've really got a lot of imagination. I would never think to use my junk mail for anything, and there it is every day; a free source of paper mache, stuffing, wrapping,..you name it. Thanks for the hint!
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