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Signs of Fall

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Leaves are starting to turn arund here. The nights have been downright chilly in the 40s. And most significant, the local ice cream stand is advertising their pumpkin ice cream. Woohoo.
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And, we're geting ready for the first hurricane of the year!:rolleyes:
Cicadas bring late summer in the midwest - a sound the reminds me of being a kid in central Illinois. A good fall chill is still weeks away here - but it is definitely welcome. Great thread - I hope everyone builds on it.
The tent caterpillar cocoons are all over the place, providing natural spookiness to trees and bushes.

Saw some wooly bear caterpillars the other day, but didn't get a chance to check their band.
I for one cannot wait until Fall. This will be my first year in many to actually experience a real one. Florida sucks for Autumn...:(
Kids go back to school on Tuesday!:D
Our local cider mill opens Sept. 1.
Leaves just starting to get a tinge of color. The cicdas are still humming.
Still waiting for the cooler temps though. Need to give our AC a rest!
I agree with you Edwood.I think we still have a few weeks left until a good fall chill.But as long as we dont have anymore of those 100+ heat index's,I think I can patiently wait.
Speak for yourself, down there in IL and PA. Its got that autumn chill in the air this morning here in Ontario.

I love it!
The cicadas have been singing around here since July. They were really loud yesterday when I was in the yard. The humidity just came back so it still feels like summer. I also can't wait for the 60 degree weather - my air conditioners have been putting in double time.
Up here it already looks like the end of September, beginning of October and some tree leaves are turning red !! woo-hoo! :D

*cough* It's the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeaaarr! :jol:
The last 3 weekends have been full of football tournaments - always a sure sign! :D
What is this "Fall" you all speak of so fondly?

Where I am we are still in the 100s (with lows all the way down to 78) - the damned cicadas have been buzzing since February/March - my house slab has shifted - the water from the COLD tap is hotter than the water from the HOT tap - my truck tires have melted to the molten asphalt more than once - people are still dying of heat exhaustion and heat stroke - school started a few weeks ago - the only reason the leaves are falling is becuase we're in the middle of a very serious drought (no real rain since April) - my dog broke its leg falling in a crack in my front yard......
LOL oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhh you got my laughing so fricking hard here. I do have leaves falling also probably due to dry heat. LOL yard turning brown but perfect for my graveyard. LOL Had to get new tires for the van I rarely drive due to tire rot LOL. UGgggggggggggggggggggg Im ready for coller temp, this heat and sweat makes my hair curl. LOL
The fall isn't here in Massachusetts yet, but you can sense it is on its way with how chilly its been in the morning lately. The air in the morning has that crisp autumn feel to it.
The farm that I get my produce and plants from are now selling mums and they are already having a sign-up contest for pumpkin carving and painting.
I also noticed that it's been getting dark around 7:45 p.m. Pretty soon daylight savings time.
The temperatures at night have been getting cooler which is great sleeping weather but makes the water in the pool get really cold. Plus, there are leaves falling in the pool constantly from the neighbors tree and since they aren't offering to come skim them out, I guess that means it's almost time to close it up. School supplies have been shifted from the seasonal aisle to the clearance aisle and Halloween stuff is in the stores. Halloween candy is starting to be advertised on sale at some local stores and every store seems to have pumpkin carving kits in them. That can only mean one thing....it's almost FALL and HALLOWEEN........WOOOHOOOOO
Don't forget that next year DST is being held off next year. Figure the amount of sunlight you'll have on Halloween (and the weeks preceding) by mentally adding an hour to your time just to get an idea.
It's 65 degrees right now and cloudy....feels very much like fall here, just need the leaves to turn quicker.
How About:
Everyones getting worried they won't be done with what they are making for Halloween.
The pumpkin stands are being set up here. Pick your punkins put your money in the box...LOVE IT
can't wait to turn the air OFF
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