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Skulls for Fence Posts.

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I want to use skulls this year on my 2" PVC Fence posts..Anyone know of a good skull to use??
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Michael's has some neat $1.50 small foam skulls. About 2.5" across the bottom.

I used these I got them for $0.99 from spirit after halloween.
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I have a BUNCH of skull whistles. Id' be willing to sell them to you if you want them.
I ordered the skull whistles from FrightShop before and never received my order.
He's using 2" pipe, those whistles would fall right in LOL... I saw those little foam skulls @ Michaels, they'd be perfect... come to think of it I think they'd be at the same scale as the whistles in the 1/2 inch pipe! Tho you'd probably want to hardcoat them with something...
Thanks Rev. I missed the size.
Thanks guys, I'll check out the ones at Michaels.
Yeah, the Michael's foamies look good - the teeth on them sort of have a fanged, vampiric look. Should be easy to attach and to paint, too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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