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Hi! I can not see a review section so i will just pop this here! :p

SkulltroniX are amazing. I have been following the company for years and have watched the website change and change, and more and more products be released. I knew all the routines word for word before I even purchased one. Not sure why, but SkulltroniX is a big part of my life.

After saving for years, I finally purchased a skulltronix skull. Although I live in the UK, the Skull arrived quickly and safely.

The quality of the skull is amazing. The videos do not justify this thing. They eyes are amazingly real, the color and texture of the skull is perfect. The skull was very easy to set up. It comes with a long and detailed guide, covering everything from set up, repairs, connections, and software. I had it up and running in less than 30 minutes.

After its first ever routine, I thought to myself 'If it never moved again it was worth every penny just for that '. The skull isn't as light as I thought. Looking at the videos, it looks like it is made of foam, due to its quick movement, and smooth stops. However, the skull is rather heavy, and it seems like magic when it begins to move!

The routines are perfect. Every time it is perfectly synced. I have had the skull for about 1 ½ years now, and it is still running strong!
I cannot praise this product enough. It looks awesome even when it is not moving. The service and help was great, and the overall quality is flawless. I cannot find any faults or negatives with this.

I (obviously) strongly recommend this!

Any questions feel free to ask.

254284_2257369030763_1144493156_32778981_1419202_n.jpg picture by benhowardmagic - Photobucket
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