Hi everyone!
This is a new account, please don’t ban me! This might be a long post, but around 2010/11 my little sister got really into the zombie babies they sell at different Halloween stores. So much so, we bought some for her birthday and Christmas to give to her.
It’s not important, but my little sister is autistic and for a long time these spooky zombie babies have been her hyperfixations, we’ve bought them cribs and baby clothes. All of that! They’re like creepy versions of toy babies to her, and she loves all of them. Anyway, over the years one of them has been really worn through. We’ve sewed him up, patched his latex skin, and done other little fixes on him to repair. He’s now gotten to the point where we can’t fix him anymore, and he’s almost completely past repair.
I have been looking everywhere for him. His item name was ‘Slay Time — Horace Knubles’ and the company that produced him is out of business. In our family, his nickname is Baby Sam. I’ll be including some pictures of the doll from the official line, so it’s easier to recognize. If anyone has this doll, we’re willing to pay up to $200, maybe more! Please share this information or pass it along! He’s like family to us now, and it’s been hard to trying to find him again.