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Smile -> The $20 Blucky...foggers...and I think thats it...

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Went to "the" halloween store in St. Louis to check out the goods - mainly to get ideas. The trip made me appreciate what shopping around does for ones wallet.

Johnny Brocks is been a St. Louis institution. They have Johnny Brocks Dungeon - in the basement - which stocks darn near everything halloween costume, prop, gimmick, or gag ever invented.

Well, as a rookie haunter - I've been searching for the elusive $7 Blucky. To no avail - but have found his cousin - the $10 Blucky online. So I got excited when I walked inside JB's and saw a disply of Bluckys. POWEE - $20... definitely $7 Blucky's upper east side cousin.

The amazing thing is that JB's will turn their Blucky inventory over 10 times before Halloween.

Much to their credit - they jumped on the Halloween bandwagon I know atleast as early as the mid-eighties and have ridden it ever since. And much to their credit - they take it seriously. I got to eaves drop on a merchandising conversation - we were in the dungeon in a far corner gandering at the goods - and the manager (possible the owner from her merchandise-speak) and a young gun were working on a small, small section of a wall. The owner was looking at this 2 foot wide by 4 foot high section of stuff and says "we have $1000 of merchandise in this section - surely you can make it better looking than this." Regardless of what they were selling - I appreciate that kind of attitude.


Well, from an earlier post I was looking for foggers and came across a dealer - recommended in a seperate thread - that I think fits the bill.

On Pro Sound and Stage Lighting (http://www.pssl.com) - which I forget who - recommended... I found this:

Seemed like a winner - not the least wattage - not the most - has a remote - bought two.

If they suck - my fault for not getting the Walmart ones. But at least that issue is put to rest and I can concentrate on bigger battles.

and I think that's it!

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You've got the idea Ed. You have to shop around, that's for sure. A "bargain" is all in the eyes of the beholder though.
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