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Where are all the snake projects?
I am doing a snake prop this year and am actively looking to steal... I mean be inspired by past snake projects.
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I'm waiting on FE to get his giant snakes in so I can order at least 1 for a new spitting snake pit project!!!
I ordered one of his snakes last year. I haven't modified it yet. It's a good size and it looks real in pictures. Currently I have it draped over my wine cage.
Let's see pics of that HH!
That's better than over the wine cage!!
That's better than over the wine cage!!
It keeps the kids out of the wine.
I too am waiting on FE for the snake shipment..
I do have something in mind for it
hey Procrastinator,
You focusing all your projects on people's phobias? Last year it was the spider, this year the snake. If you're not careful, your whole neighborhood will be seeing psychiatrists.
Buried-Alive you are 100 percent correct.
I am moving away from gore and into the relm of phobias.
It just seems like the right direction for my haunt.
Spider is #1, Snake is #2, Kids toys are #3. Clowns are #4.
Don't forget about Bills! LOL
If I don't get back ordered, they should be here next week (120).
you have a lot of people backordering JEFFS???:eek:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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