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wow. im such a geek, i spent all day soldering with my brand new soldering iron...i made pong! i cant belive it worked....its a fairly large curcuit board, 4.5 volts and AV jacks

anyway, who here solders for prop purposes?
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I solder all the time for my projects. I've used some kits for a few things and have even wired up circuits "from scratch" using cheapie Radio Shack prototyping boards.

If all goes well and I get this job I've been applying for, I'll be learning about SMT soldering... it's soldering for all those teeny-tiny components you see on a lot of the circuits out there today. I'll also (hopefully) have access to a T-Tek machine which will allow me to make my own custom circuit boards... combine those two new skills and I can REALLY cram A LOT of stuff into a bucky skull. :D
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