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Halloween vs. A Nightmare on Elm Street

  • Halloween

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • A Nigtmare on Elm Street

    Votes: 1 16.7%

Son of Horror Movie Death Match #5

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We have an seemingly invulnerable masked killer who haunts Haddonfield, Illinois and has a real thing for killing the members of his family, and anyone else he takes a lark to mercilessly slaughtering. In the other corner, we have a terribly burned revenant who loves the kiddies all he can with a guantlet afixed with razor sharp knives who attacks when the kids from Elm Street take a trip to the land of Nod.

Easily two of the most influential slasher film series along with Friday the 13th to spawn many sequels and copycat movies over the almost three decades they have been around. It's Michael Myers vs. Freddy Krueger and you can only decide the outcome here on this forum. So get to voting and may the best mad man win.
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Not a contest - Myers.

Michael Myers is classic and Freddy is just kind of goofy. I never cared too much for the "Nightmare" series, but "Halloween" has "rewatchability"!
I love both..hmmm.

Gotta go with Myers...He never speaks, so no annoying catch phrases.
I heard the mask was a cheap repainted William Shatner mask from a novelty store!

I love anything with Shatner in it!
Yep, Halloween it is. Freddy never scared me, even when I was really young, but the silent, single-mindedness of Michael Myers could creep out the most hardened horror movie veteran. It's probably because he never says anything and is wearing a mask; it makes him seem less human somehow.
I viewed both of these movies in October. I'll start with the one I didn't vote for first. A Nightmare on Elm Street was director Wes Craven's crowning achievment as well as what I believe to be the pinnacle of his career. The idea that there was a boogeyman that could get you in your dreams was a fascinating concept and much scarier than many films before it because we all have to sleep sometime. Craven really should have stopped here. The more the series went along, the further it digressed into mediocrity. Instead of having a dream demon that tortured you with maddening sensation that you couldn't differentiate fantasy from reality before carving you up with his finger knives, we get a wise cracking moron who made you roll your eyes whenever he would crack another lame joke before acing another poor bastard who just happened to have the bad luck of their parents moving to a worse neighborhood than any found in South Central Los Angeles.

While Halloween also fell into mediocrity the further along it progressed, we didn't have to hear Myers talk us to death with jokes that aren't even mildly amusing. The first film which we are discusssing, he's everywhere. He emerges when you least expect to carve up sex starved teens like a Thanksgiving day turkey. John Carpenter captured all the nuances of horror with a shoestring budget and the killer never spoke but his presence was always felt from the first frame where Michael Myers killed his sister until the last frames where each shadowed room was thrown into full contrast.

Both are great films, but Carpenter's just outclasses Craven's overall.
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Saturday. Saturday, the poll closes. Anyone wanting to get in here to vote or give their 2 cents, better get in and do it.
Maybe these things are becoming too one-sided. The past few of the HMDM's we've had, one side or the other held a decisive upper hand while the competition wasn't even close.

Be that as it may, Halloween moves onto the quaterfinals, and we edge ever so close to said matches as this one closes down.
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