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Halloween vs. Re-Animator

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Son of Horror Movie Death Match Semi-Finals #2

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It's getting down to the wire. This is the last match of the semi's. We have the silent, but deadly Michael Myers from Halloween squaring off against the man who would love to experiment on some of The Shapes vicitms and bring them back to life, Herbert West from Re-Animator. A semblance of Life vs. Death in this match. Who will go onto face Fright Night in the finals? You decide by getting in here and voting. Let's get moving people.
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Not much reasoning required here... Halloween!
You all know I'm a die hard fan of John Carpenter. Halloween is one of my favorite films by him, and it rightfully is one of the best Horror films of all time with good reason. However...

I chose Re-Animator, which is one of my favorite films in ANY category. I don't think it would be stretching it by saying it's in my Top 20 of all-time; maybe even higher. I just love this damn film! 'Tis a pity that there aren't more like it circulating around. Jeffery Combs just owns that film and the movie is one I never get tired of. Sorry Mike, but I gotta go with Herbert West this round.
This is like saying, what would you rather have, Alpo or Filet Mignon?
HALLOWEEN all the way.
I take exception to that remark Don. :eek:

Re-Animator is hardly Alpo in comparison to Halloween. Granted, I know full well who will win this, but I happen to like the first one a tad better. If you want my honest opinion, I think Carpenter's remake of The Thing From Another World i.e. The Thing is definitely superior to Halloween. Yet, I love both films, but am not going to put down either. It's all a matter of preference, my friend. It's cool though.

But I repeat: Re-Animator is hardly dog food.
It is time once again to post the mid-week reminder. Only three votes, and I expected at least a few more. These aren't obscure films either, they are ones that I'm sure everyone on this board has heard of; so lets get crackin' people. :zombie:
Not surprisingly, Halloween pulls off the upset here. This thread is now officially closed and we move onto the finals.
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